Vote Krystal Gabel

Krystal is the up-and-coming conservative candidate who can beat the incumbent in the November 2020 General.

Her goal is to follow the Constitution and serve The People residing in Nebraska and Omaha District 2.

Gabel is running for PSC because this position requires a candidate who can wholly serve The People while regulating businesses, manufacturers, and industries without bias. Too much time is current spent on intra-party politics and personal shenanigans by the D2 incumbent. Public Service Commissioners must be public servants for all Nebraskans, not just their party and financial donors.

She is a grassroots volunteer with years of long-last community advocacy. She has empowered residents across the state to register and go vote and participate in activities like community gardening and growing food for neighbors.

Krystal is dedicated to becoming a public servant who is both transparent and accessible to all Nebraskans. She advocates for limited government and increased freedom from taxation, regulation, and oppressive laws. She believes in the consent of the governed and protecting all individuals, their natural rights and liberties, and their private properties from irrational establishment authority.

As Public Service Commissioner, Krystal will

  • Make the office work entirely for The People
  • Work for The People’s rights to participate and succeed in commerce
  • Encourage a reduction in overbearing regulations to be more efficient with taxpayers dollars
  • Advocate for consumers and provide speedy responses to complaints against companies providing services to residents
  • Enforce health and safety regulations as well as support advancements in tiny home construction and green energy solutions for consumer savings and future needs of the state
  • Protect against the invasion of private land owned by Nebraskans and the destruction of the state’s natural resources
  • Ensure 9-1-1 services and telecommunication services for individuals with disabilities are above adequate and available to all residents in Omaha and across the state