Technical Writing · Developmental Editing · Content Strategy · Ghostwriting · Blogging · Notary Public of Nebraska

Need help with content? I'm a technical content strategist writing for professionals who need help with content management.

I specialize in ghost writing, content creation and organization, and developmental editing in any technical field. 

Specifically this means you have stuff you want to say and share with others, but you don't know how to get that material out of your head and organized into a coherent final project ready for publication. I can help with brainstorming, structure, wording, image creation, and even file management - for any deadline that requires polished copy.

Contact me at:
402-871-1891 (text or leave a voicemail) 

Currently I am consulting with Dr. Mark Braunstein, The Cannabis Psychiatrist who practices cannabinoid psychiatry in Durango, Colorado.

Together Dr. B. and I are writing original content about medical cannabis with the intent to publish in presentations, white papers, research materials, educational resources, books, and blogs. 

You can accomplish that writing and research project, too, with my content experience and technical skills.

I'm also a Notary Public in the State of Nebraska and am bonded to notarize your paperwork. $20 minimum.

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