Hi I'm Krystal!

We need fresh, nonpartisan leadership to build a smarter, greener economy that directly benefits Lincoln and Nebraska’s future.


As Lincoln's next Mayor, I will

Legalize cannabis possession

By implementing a full cannabis decriminalization policy within Lincoln City limits, residents will be able to legally possess marijuana and grow plants for personal use (no sales).

The City of Lincoln and LPD would no longer pursue low-level marijuana cases (possession and consumption) and actively work to seal all past marijuana convictions en masse.

I know that if we fully decriminalize cannabis, I can save the city thousands in unnecessary enforcement costs and apply that money to city expenses that are currently funded by our massive property taxes.

Approach addiction as a community

The City of Lincoln and LPD must adopt a “do no harm” approach that treats drug addiction as a complex disease rather than a criminal offense.

On Day One of my term, I will allow residents of Lincoln seeking treatment for heroin, meth, opioid, or any type of substance abuse to approach any city police officer and ask for help without penalty or arrest.

Lincoln must also go beyond state efforts and start a city-level coordination program that assists police officers in linking persons suffering from addiction to resources and services.

Start a citywide free bus service

A typical Midwestern family can save $6,000 a year in transportation costs by living with one less vehicle in their household, says the American Public Transportation Association.

Increased transit ridership will help our bus system operate more efficiently and make better use of those $14M transit dollars.

Cities that have implemented free bus services have seen ridership increase from 20 to 60 percent in just a few months. To best meet the needs of all residents, I will also expand the bus operating hours to include super earlier and late work routes that accommodate even more schedules.

We can give free bus rides to everyone — students, workers, seniors, and individuals with disabilities. Most importantly, free rides will stimulate job creation throughout the city, reduce parking and traffic congestion, make us less dependent petroleum, and provide safer, equal access to all Lincoln opportunities.

Embrace the e-commerce boon

Changing shopping habits and increased online competition has caused nearly a dozen retail stores to close in the city and state this past year.

Lincoln has the chance to be the first Nebraska city to embrace the many facets of the e-commerce industry, including distribution and fulfillment centers, to replace thousands of lost jobs and revenue dollars.

We can encourage Lincoln’s e-commerce companies to expand and repurpose vacant spaces like the Gateway Mall and shell buildings left behind by big box stores.

Online companies require massive fulfillment centers and thousands of employees in order to fill two-day orders.

Lincoln’s central location along the I-80 corridor coupled with Nebraska’s need for skilled labor jobs makes us perfect for the task.

Work to become zero waste

Throwing all our garbage into landfills wastes natural resources, potentially causes human health problems, and wrongly transfers liabilities to future generations.

Up to 95% of the items that we throw away can be recycled, repurposed, or composted.

We can easily start a zero waste program that combines citywide recycling with new economic development to create sustainable and local resource-based jobs.

This would include placing street-level recycle, landfill, and compost bins throughout the city and expanding current waste-reduction programs with local recycling and composting companies.

I would also make recycling and composting less expensive than landfill trash pickup for all households and retail, service, office, industrial, and corporate businesses.

Support local electricity and electric vehicle use

Nebraska public power is locally generated electricity.

In part because ratepayers are also owners of our utilities, the U.S. Energy Information Administration reports that Nebraskans pay less for electricity than 95 percent of other Americans.

We can encourage electric vehicle use in Lincoln by deploying more charging station infrastructure, implementing smart grid technology to handle growing energy demands, and incentivizing residents for adopting EVs.

Using local electricity to fuel vehicles in Lincoln, instead of imported petroleum, will reduce fuel costs for drivers and return money to our local utilities.

Rezone for tiny house dwellings

Lincoln must restructure building and zoning rules to allow affordable, tiny houses within city limits.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average person’s salary has not increased in nearly three decades, yet a new family home now averages 2,500 square feet — 61 percent larger and at least 50 percent more expensive than houses built in 1975.

Tiny homes are a way Lincoln can offer affordable housing to residents impacted by inflation and the housing crunch.

We can adopt simple, uniform codes for tiny houses less than 500 square feet that keep the dwellings affordable, allow tiny houses to be built on private property behind a primary residence, and approve tiny house pocket neighborhoods throughout Lincoln.


Get Involved!

I want you to be part of this grassroots movement to elect a nonpartisan public servant for Lincoln (and Nebraska)

Come to an event and pick up a Gabel for Mayor sign to put in your yard. Your vote matters. Telling your friends to vote can make the difference in our 2019 City of Lincoln Primary Election.

Your support is amazing! Peace and love, Krystal